Listing case study

This was a game changing production

In the summer of 2014, I successfully launched a ranch co-listing. At the time, it was the largest parcel of land available in Big Sky and had a price tag of $21.5M.

Editorial exposure in the Wall Street Journal’s Mansion Section heralded the launch and garnered lots of attention for both the ranch and Big Sky at large.

An industry-leading and personally directed video, eye-catching and memorable photography, 40-page brochure, customized logo and creative name and extensive print advertising culminated in a distinguished and compelling brand identity for the listing… and provided tremendous momentum for my listing portfolio.

Setting a new standard

Conveying the scale and scope of the property to faraway buyers was our primary objective. It’s a big, complicated chunk of land in a not-very-well-known part of the world, so we had our work cut out for us.

Various customized topo maps and an interactive Google Earth map helped potential buyers wrap their minds around the location, boundaries, and rarity of the property.

The video we created set a new standard for local brokerages.
I strive to create even more captivating methods for doing so.

Site-Specific Map

Custom Brochure