Superb Marketing with Style

I get it. You want a listing broker who gets it right the first time. Lucky for you, my Midwestern upbringing taught me that a job worth doing is one worth doing well. Since a confused buyer doesn’t buy, my job begins and ends with details and accuracy. The best part of my job, however, is making it fun and beautiful and memorable using hand-crafted, content-rich, multimedia marketing.

To that end, there are many critical components of an effective listing’s launch: maps, covenants and zoning, taxes, finishes, viewsheds, ski access, utility costs, HOA assessments, conservation easements, inspection reports, floorplans, water rights, potential uses… and pricing. Phew! My role is to curate it all, make your listing gorgeously irresistible, and communicate with buyers and their brokers and YOU.

I promise to never employ lazy descriptions like “near everything Big Sky has to offer” and no slideshows either, yick! I’m happy to eschew the been-there-done-that approach to selling real estate. I do what works today. And I do it with style.

I call in the troops and collaborate with local creatives to produce the best visual and verbal materials to promote your listing (at my expense). My team will tour your property armed with cameras, notebooks and pens to create a vision board of how to effectively market the best qualities of your property. Together with my writer, photographer, and videographer, we tap the essence of the place, pinpoint winning qualities and share our enthusiasm to all the right audiences. That’s what gives your place not just curb appeal, but web appeal.

You’ll love working with a uniquely tech-savvy AND highly-accomplished broker… it’s basically the best of both worlds.

Exposure & Expertise

I employ a suite of tools to communicate with potential buyers.
Your listing must be easy to find wherever the buyer is shopping,
which is why I purchase a unique domain name for the listing.
Films, still images and robust brochures are shared via diverse online and print outlets, including:

Brand Recognition

Working with Sotheby’s International Realty is important for two reasons:
1) a powerful network of well-connected sales professionals (aka access to qualified buyers)
2) highly relevant marketing opportunities (aka eyeballs on your listing in the right places).

SIR stays at the forefront of technologies, media relations, and always does so
while paying homage to the heritage of the brand. Ooh la la!

What does this mean to you, you ask?
You’re more likely to sell your home at a better price when you list with Sotheby’s.
And you’re more likely to do it quickly and enjoy the process when you list with me.

You’ll even tell your friends. That’s my favorite.